IPC Prevent


IPC Prevent is a mobile decision tool that will guide you through the process of developing an Early Detection Rapid Response program. Customize the tools you need for successful development and management of the resources required for your EDRR program.

This program allows you to utilize our 7 step approach to building EDRR capacity into your land management operations.

1. Get Organized (Identify and Engage Stakeholders)

2. Put More Eyes on the Ground (Develop an Early Detection Network)

3. Look Around (Survey Valuable Natural and Managed Resources)

4. Manage Your Field Data (Archive and Utilize Field Records)

5. Tell Somebody (Report Suspected New State Records/Regulated Species to State and Federal Officials)

6. Assess the Problem (Conduct Rapid Assessments of New Species)

7. Take Action - Weeds Won't Wait (Control and Eradicate New Infestations)


Through IPC Prevent you can also develop and manage citizen scientists in developing and implementing EDRR programs at the local level. You can also

  • Create a hub for conference, workshop and event materials
  • Develop online tools such as EDRR flashcards for your mobile device
  • Your customized IPC Prevent site also acts as a meeting place for all those in your network to exchange information