IPC Plans


IPC Plans takes old three ring binder documents and puts them into your mobile device. From now on, instead of printing your management plan or annual report and sticking it on a shelf, land managers have a tool that allows them to utilize their plans online in a user friendly format.

How does it work?
With IPC Plans, our developers can either convert old plans or develop new ones using our online management plan tool. Our designers will customize an outline that suits your needs, develop reporting tools for the times when you need to print a report or analyze your management plans effectiveness create drop down menus to make the plan easy to navigate. Best of all it is available 24 hours a day from any hand held device.


Update your management plan in the field
With IPC Plan you no longer have to wait until next year to update your plan. Instead of compiling notes throughout the course of the year and taking your valuable time to update the hard copy of your management plan, you can now do it at any time using your mobile device. Once submitted, the plan is automatically updated and available for all specified parties.

You can also include maps and historical references, identification guides, property boundaries and any other relevant information. When treating invasives, your applicator can measure the path where controlled occurred and enter control data directly into the plan on the day the patch was treated.

How else can IPC Plans be used?
Virtually any plan you have can be converted or built using IPC Plans including volunteer management, annual reports, safety guidelines, employee handbooks and many more. Once your plans are converted, you and your employees can access them from anywhere and specified users will be able to update them in real time.