IPC Logic


IPC Logic is a decision support tool that, when supplied with specific information about invasive species infestations, will determine the most economical, environmentally sensitive and efficient management strategies customized for your natural area. This tool is web based which allows the user to utilize it from anywhere from any mobile device. It is an excellent tool for county extension agencies or any organization that has to prescribe or implement control options in the field.

How does it work?
Once you enter your customized web interface, you will be asked a series of specific questions about your infestation. Our team will work with yours to determine which variables you would like to consider when designing an IPM strategy. These variables are applied directly into your version of IPC Logic creating a smart tool designed specifically for your management needs.


Once your data has been calculated by the program, IPC Logic provides a color coded recommendation for control of the undesirable species targeted. The green options represent control methods recommended for your site based on the specific variables provided by your organization during the development process. Yellow options offer caution before proceeding due to variables unique to your site and the red options are often recommended in literature or in other scenarios but due to some characteristic of your site, not recommended in this instance.