IPC Inventory

IPCinventory is a data collection tool designed for land managers that are on the go. Whether running transects, gathering plot data, or taking photo points, IPCinventory can capture all the information needed to create a detailed report all in one mobile device. While this tool is optimal for reporting critical data that will be utilized to control invasive species, it 's not just for plants; IPCinventory can be customized according to the desired specifications of your survey.

How does it work?

Each project may have various protocols according to the results required. With IPCinventory, the land manger can manipulate the input parameters based on the protocols. For example, when gathering invasive plant data the administrator first sets up the data fields. Once in the field, the collector chooses a plant species from a drop-down menu and verifies the plant identification from the photo and plant description. If it is a positive ID, the collector can create a photo point, enter the density level, the estimated acres, etc. With all the data collected in your smart phone or tablet, it can now be uploaded via a 3G/4G network or WIFI to your customized, password protected web interface.

What you get...

IPCinventory is dynamic and changes according to the needs of the user. This smart tool can provide species lists, time stamps, photos, maps (.kml that can be imported to .shp), individual species points, area polygons, species population area or of the entire survey area, infestation density, and other valuable data. In short, IPCinventory provides a customized tool to satisfy your organization's needs.